Home Staging.
Letís face it, there is a difference between a lived in home and one thatís staged to sell! Your home is your biggest investment and having it professionally staged and prepared for sale is the best way to insure that your home sell faster and gets a better price. You owe it to yourself to maximize your investment. Diane Agnesi Interiors can help you in two ways:

First, we can consult your staging. In an extensive walkthrough, Diane will point out numerous ideas for each and every room of your home beginning right at the curb and exterior of your house. Sheíll give you all the advice youíll need to properly prepare your home for sale. 

Or, secondly, she can stage it for you! Diane will bring her professional crew into your home and will have your home staged and ready for open house. Diane will partner with you and your realtor to bring out your homes fullest potential. You only have one chance to make a great first impression, and the investment is small compared to the potential return. 

$125.00 per hour Home Staging Consultation
$450.00 Half day on-site staging
$850.00 Full day on-site staging

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